Easy Ways you can Turn Omnichannel AI into Success

Author - Swati | 9 May 2020 |
Omnichannel AI

Days when we all used to call customer care for our queries, is long past. The success of a business lies not in providing good service, but in after service. Implementation of Omnichannel is one such step that has played vital in the success of businesses. It is seen that with the use of omnichannel in the conversational AI, the conversion rate has rapidly increased by 250%.

The best thing about Omnichannel in conversational AI is that it is a cross channel that is used to improve customer experience. For instance, when your customer is in need of any service, the person will be able to contact you irrespective of the modem used for contacting. Your Omnichannel AI chatbot will respond to the person on his choice of application and will sync the conversions across the platforms.

All such gestures of customer caring give your business a boost. The articles describe in brief the ways how omnichannel attribute of the conversational AI will help leverage your business 10 times:

The seamless customer experience provided by omnichannel

The rate of progress of any business is directly related to the conversion rate of leads. And the conversion rate of the business depends on the user experience. In order to serve your visitors with their queries.

According to the report, almost 67% of customers are unhappy with the customer service and it will reduce 20% of your customers monthly. Which means that your company has to face loss.

May it be a job portal or pantry application, the modem of your customer to be in touch with you is your website chatbox. This is where omnichannel conversational AI comes into the picture. Now your customer or even a lead won’t have to perform the additional actions to reach you out. The omnichannel conversational AI will be available for your customers wherever and whenever they are available.

How can omnichannel be used in marketing?

Marketing is not about promoting yourself and posting the endorsements. It is about being able to provide your customers with personalized solutions. Only 14% of companies are coordinating with their customers by implementing the omnichannel feature. The best type of marketing is by providing the best consumer experience. With omnichannel conversational AI, you are actually being omnipresent for your customers. You are all ears to them whenever they encounter a problem.

Omnichannel conversational AI also suggests your customers on their preferred platform, for more options depending on their previous preferences. One research shows a very interesting stat that suggests online customers are retaining nearly 40% more than your physical ones. That means using omnichannel conversational AI will not only increase your digital customers but the chances are they will recommend your service to others.

When your customer wants to buy a product, they can simply use the voice feature of the chatbot. For pantries, this is an excellent feature. While your customer is occupied in the kitchen, they can simultaneously add the list with the voice recognition feature of the omnichannel chatbot. As an owner, you can message your customers when you have special offers on products. And can let them know the price and availability. The strategy to increase your marketing is to get digital excellence right to the top.

Tips and strategies for using Omnichannel AI in banking

The banking sector requires communication with its customers mostly on the same and related topics. Like, customers usually want to have an account or have queries with the account, want to claim a new policy or loans. All these things are handled with an omnichannel chatbot personally. Your consumers don’t have to show up in the bank for such consultations. They can ask you their queries and bot will help them satisfy the personal consultation.

Taking a loan or availing any offer from a bank seems pretty good unless you are not sure about your decisions. There are many such scenarios when you don’t know if you should go for an investment plan or another saving plan. The bank apps don’t always know your customer personally. However, omnichannel Conversational AI knows your customer. This chatbot does not simply throw the options or choices in front of your customer. But indeed tries to understand their situation and consults them right.

The bank needs to use conversational AI omnichannel because of three vital reasons:

First and foremost is to be available for your customers all the time. They can easily check their balance with your app. But they can’t confirm if the call that they just received was from you or not. Taking it to twitter, mail and other media consume time. Hence, the omnichannel chatbot will instantly confirm them about the Genuity of call or news.

The second reason is banks can make their workload hectic-free. With an omnichannel AI chatbot, you are solving the queries of nearly 80% of people who are visiting your banks and calling you to get help.

The third reason is that banks can improve the user experience by personifying them by offering promo codes and offers. For example, your customer’s birthday is approaching. You can grant them some discounts on your cards for a day.

What is a multi-channel? And how is omnichannel AI different from the multi-channel

Before getting into multichannel and omnichannel let us know what exactly the channel is. Channel can be defined as a medium through which brands can communicate with their customers. Multi-channel as the name itself suggests it provides multiple channels to the brand and it helps the brand to expand its reach towards the customers. On the other hand omnichannel means it provides integration of all the channels available to a brand and makes better customer experience. Let us know more about the difference between omnichannel and multichannel.

Multichannel Omnichannel
Multichannel is focused more on customer engagement. It helps the brand to expand its leads on various platforms. For example, if your brand is on social media, then multichannel can bring you more number of followers, likes and shares. In short, it will bring more customer engagements to the brand. Omnichannel brings a better customer experience for the brand. As multichannel, omnichannel cannot help to give more customer engagements. Omnichannel will give you consistent customers and will help you to have a long term, good quality relationship with your customers. For example, If your brand is on social media it will provide good quality of content to your users and will improve your customer experience. It will retain all your followers who are already with you and maybe increase them too.
Multichannel is just friction away from the touchpoint. As a brand, your prime task will be to reach as much as deep in the customer zone. But multichannel cannot provide good quality of service, even though it will surely give a good quantity of service. Multichannel is quantity over quality. Omni channels Aim to provide your customers with a better service more effortlessly. If you already have a strong customer engagement then omnichannel will help you to provide the best service to the customers. Omnichannel keeps customer experience at the centre of the circle. Multichannel can bring more customers and omnichannel can provide a good experience to these customers.
The vital difference between multichannel and omnichannel can be explained through the channel choices. Multichannel provides you with various channels like phone, emails, calling etc but you can never switch from email to call or text with the same information. When you email and then contact with a call you have to start all over again. Omni channels provide the same support of quality to all channels. It doesn't mean that you will get some support from all the channels it means the quality of support which you will get from all channels will be the same. As support which channels provide varies accordingly. If you contact any brand via email and then switch the mode of communication to video call still you will be able to resume from that point.
Multi-channel can start simply from getting one channel and then adding a few more channels. For example, if you are using multichannel for the banking you can add one channel like internet banking, then include calling and emails and you are ready with multichannel banking. Omnichannel does the task of integrating all your channels at a single platform. In banking, if a customer checks various services via the bank's website you will get informed and you can try to get this customer engaged. Omnichannel helps to convert the warm customer to hot customer and feat in those customers with great service.
let us know about multichannel marketing. Multichannel marketing is used for distributing and promoting the brand. For example, if you get an email about the latest offers in shirts you saved that and went to the office again in the evening you see the same offer on other social media platforms. So you will probably go and buy the stuff during the offer period. What is Omnichannel Marketing? Omnichannel marketing can be found much similar to multi marketing but seeks to provide customers with a few seamless shopping experiences. For example, you get an email about a special offer you saved it and added a few items in the cart. Now when you are driving close to that store you will receive an alert message of buying the carted things and you will buy it in minutes and drive back your home. This how seamlessly you see something on one platform and buy it from another platform.

How can you use Omnichannel AI to get success?

From the article above it will be quite clear to you that there is a modification of the process from the companies on the way of approaching their customer and improving customer experience. The demand for customer engagement and getting better customer experience is increasing as the customer has a variety of choices these days. If you won't provide good service then the customer can choose to invest its time and money in some other company. As the digital world is making progress you should be able to make your own identity and prepare for the modern world full of IoT and AI-based technologies.

Omnichannel is all about making the line invisible which lies between physical and digital dimensions. As we are all surrounded by gadgets right from our cell phones to cars. And there is no other option but to go hand in hand with the modern world. Omnichannel is the latest trend and AI is another trend that is getting popular, so it is high time to combine both and use it to improve our business world. Just by making small changes and using chat or and connecting it with other channels, we have managed to make the most out of the digital world and made life easy for customers.

Final words

Omnichannel is one of the parameters of Conversational AI which has helped companies to improve customer experience. Using Omnichannel companies has managed to gain a lot more permanent customers. Customers can contact you using their favorite app, and if they want to switch still the conversion can be resumed from where it was left. This brings more personalization and specification for customers.

Omnichannel Conversational AI is getting better and better day by day, so if you haven’t installed Omnichannel Conversational AI yet you are already lagging behind in the competition with other companies. Take advantage of Omnichannel conversational AI and take your business to the next level.

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