How is Customer Engagement Going to Change your Business?

Author - Swati | 22 April 2020 |
Conversational AI for Customer Engagement

To run any business you should know more about customers. In today's date technology has grown in all dimensions. Let us go 10 years back we had to carry money, card, and several other things, but now you can pay online and just need to carry your cell phone.

According to an IBM survey, 68% of people watch television programs on their smartphones. Television shows us limited things but smartphone gives us freedom of watching what we want.

Customer mindset has changed drastically over the years. The customer expects things to get simpler than before. In order to increase customer engagement, firstly we must know about customer experience. If you can create customer satisfaction you can efficiently drive your business.

Business is developed by employees but your business will become successful by customer engagements. You can get your Customers’ engagement by knowing about two main techniques:

1 Digital transformation and

2 CRM.

Keep on reading to know more about these successful business strategies.

All you need to know about Digital Transformation to increase customer engagements

You must know that digital transformation is not about upgrading or changing the process. Digital transformation means to make complex things simple for customers using modern techniques. You often get to your desired goal by following the procedure which is different from the result. In the same way, if you want to get customer engagements then you have to improve your service, modify digital tools and work for customer satisfaction which is different from customer engagements.

Digital transformation is about making complex things simpler for users. For example, shopping was first done by stepping outside the house, roaming store to store and buying perfect stuff for you. Now you just need to scroll your cell phone screen and select whatever you want. So basically we have an increased variety of things, fewer efforts, and better results. This is the power of digital transformation.

The blueprint of digital transformation is basically improving speed and scale. Let us consider an example of finance, insurance or travel agency. Usually, the company runs on two factors first the internal elements which include people, process, data, application, and organization. The second element is an eternal element which includes suppliers, vendors, and government. In order to add value to your customers, both the factors should work efficiently.

Nowadays due to some reasons, internal elements are getting slow in the process. A loyal customer always requires a quick process to stick with the company. Let us assume you installed a music app, your basic requirements are a list of songs to search, buy a song that is a download option and good listening high quality. If you find difficulties in operating with any of these things you will shift to another app. So the customer's efforts should be kept minimum.

The customer interaction journey is the mechanism through which companies interact with customers. For the customer journey, we have to consider the whole ecosystem which is quite hard. Therefore we consider particular criteria and try to manage and improve it. Some criteria to work on can be high volume or the digital vision of the company. So for that, we have to improve and also reimagine or redesign a particular aspect. redesigning means to make the process short and easy or add branding and improve quality. This is how digital transformation will add value to your customers and ultimately increase sales for your company.

Leverage your customer engagement with CRM

The basic aim of all companies is to improve their customer growth. To achieve that many companies keep track of the interest of their customers and access data related to it. One of the most used methods to maintain customer real-time records is to create an excel sheet. However, using an excel sheet is not an appropriate and systematic way.

You should know about the customer perspective to handle improving customer engagement. If you are a customer and you call customer care for getting some information and every time you have to introduce yourself and answer a few questions then you will naturally get frustrated.

As an owner, you must use a smart way to handle your customer's retention. CRM tools will maintain records of your customer engagement marketing strategy and it will pop up whenever they will contact you. Let us know a few more advantages of CRM.

Basically, you will have three types of customers. First are your existing customers, these are highly engaged customers with you who have been working for a longer duration. CRM maintains there to record and informs them regularly with emails and messages. New offers and renewal messages are sent to them primarily.

The second type of customer is potential customers. Customers who call you and enquire about your services that means those people are interested in your company. Now your task is to provide them with good service and regularly inform them with your other facilities and try to convert them into existing customers. A potential customer needs to be handled well as they will bring more new customers.

The third type of customer is new customers. You can get more new customers if you handle your regular customer's feedback. There is always a random list of long term people in the company list to whom you can message and email about your product or services. You should create a situation in such a way that whenever people need help they have to contact you for service. CRM can handle all these types of customers feels well and help you to bring more customer loyalty engagements.

Strategy about CRM in customer engagements which no one will tell you

CRM means customer relationship management. If you want to get more customer engagements you should know to manage your relationship with your customers by social media.

While working in a company or handling business, you have to perform many roles and overcome many challenges. As a team, you discuss many things and try to manage your Customer Engagement Strategy. CRM helps you to manage leads in an effective way and increase your sales. CRM is all about knowing your customer lifecycle and more value to your company.


All above are the key components to run a successful business and get customer engagements. Customer engagement can be achieved only if you work hard on your approach and analyze the approach on a consistent basis. There is no other shortcut for success but to work honestly and smartly.

Know about some rare features and limitations of CRM

Pros of CRM Cons of CRM
When you use CRM then there is no need to search for information at every place. You can get all your information stored in one place which makes easy access to all your data. As all the information which you have collected is stored in one place, you will have a security risk. As per the saying "don't keep all your eggs under one basket."
At times it gets really difficult for you to maintain all your progress and limitations. CRM allows companies to keep up with the growing customer base. So that you can know about your strategy and can make changes accordingly. Even though CRM has easy access but its initial step is complicated and many find it difficult. Yes, the initial step of CRM is installing it. But once installed it won't trouble you further.
Having information in one place is a different thing and analyzing your information another thing. CRM not only allows you to sort your data but also provides accurate reports and analytics. We all have several plans but we delay our plans, it is human nature. This can also be a limitation of CRM that it gives you several good plans but implementing all those plans can be difficult for people.
Customers want easy access and simple tools to operate their data. So is true for the companies, they want facilities to work anytime and anywhere for providing their best service to customers. So CRM allows you remote access. Before using CRM you should know about several things related to it. So there is a training program for users. Training for CRM is considered as its drawback by many users. It may get modified in the future but to date, it is considered as a limitation.
The ultimate goal of the company is to provide their best services to the customer. CRM provides enhanced customer service leading to more sales and eventually adding values to the company. Many users are not able to find the appropriate technical support for CRM. Technical support may be provided by some third party systems which enhance CRM tools.

Know about the merits and demerits of digital transformation

Digital transformation happens continuously. Moreover, business often feels the need to implement the latest changes to keep up with the competition. In the business world, technological innovation takes in many forms. These include computerization and mechanization of necessary systems.

Digital transformation has an advantage that it will always be in demand. At the same time, as demand for it will increase competition and maintenance of it will also eventually get high which is a limitation.

Even though competition for digital marketing or transformation will increase it will always be in demand. It has several other options to work with, but for every option, you need the right skills. Working for skills is a time-consuming process which is a disadvantage.

In short, there are both advantages and disadvantages of CRM and digital transformation. But we expect things to get better and better in the future. Many problems are solvable and modification can be done. So in the upcoming future limitations will be minimized and we can see a bigger picture of customer enhancements which will eventually change your business, and take it to the next levels.

Final words

Technology provides us with comfort and gives rise to the simplification of things. People are getting more used to technology and are having a variety of options to go on with. In such a critical condition, it is hard to maintain customers and bring more customer engagements. To make things easy we have given information about CRM tools and digital transformation systems.

Business can grow in many different ways out of which we have given detailed information about CRM and digital transformation. Many small scale businesses can also be developed by such methods. If you know some other methods of growing business then let us know in comments. We will try to answer questions related to business, CRM and transformation but if you have other questions then we can try our level best to give you the right information.

Let us know about things you find interesting in business. Also, write about things you would like to Implement in your business. Comment us about CRM tools, if you have used it before. Does CRM make your task easy or it is hectic to operate, what is your experience about CRM? Also, let us know about any other information you would like us to share?

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