Reasons Why Conversational Automation Is The Future Of Customer Service

Author - Devender | 11 January 2021 |

Are you an enterprise offering customer service for your solutions?

If so?

Did you ever cross-check, if your customers are satisfied with the quality of service you provide?

Over the past two decades, enterprises have become smart at providing efficient customer service.

Even though some of these enterprises shifted from a traditional process to automation using rule-based Chatbots and IVRs assistants.

These can only slow down a consumer’s reach to support a human agent affecting the overall customer experience.

Challenges within traditional customer service centres:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Monitoring
  • Churn reduction

As part of my research, when I interacted with executives at customer service centres, they said that they need a solution that can be more efficient and better the overall process.

There comes the necessitate of Conversational intelligent automated interfaces/platforms.

Because the conversational automation process will completely change the way customer service centres interact with the customers, it is the future of customer service centres.

Conversational service automation

The Conversational service automation is a mixture of various categories like voice bots, Robotic process automation, data analytics, natural language processing (NLP), customer feedback history, conversational analytics, and IVR systems working collectively.

You may ask reasons, how can you say conversational automation is the future of customer service?

If you require an answer to the above question, stay calm and follow us!

In this particular blog, I give you reasons for supporting the statement that conversational automation is the future of customer service.

Top reasons

Enhancement of business operations

Conversational automation allows enterprises to rationalize actions and business processes, minimizes costs, and offers healthier customer service.

A conversational artificial intelligence platform can knob customer queries with ease using natural language understanding and sentiment analysis to provide real-time answers.

With the latest conversational AI advancements, most businesses plan and integrate conversational automation into customer service operations to improve customer service agents’ productivity and customer engagement.

By making agents focus on customer interactions that are intricate issues rather than on tedious repetitive errands.

Proactive action

Conversational automation can deliver a level of customer service that cannot be done with a human agent.

In the coming decades, intelligent assistants analyze and predict user requirements by knowing how they interact with your business.

Once your digital assistants know about your customer’s behaviour, they can answer before your users discover and face challenges with their product experience.

A conversational AI platform/system will answer natural utterances given by users in real-time using FAQs or Virtual assistants across various devices and channels.

Process automation will resolve customer issues before they reach out to the customer service centre.

Nuacem’s digital process automation with conversational AI can appreciably lower customer abandonment rates in the user purchasing cycle, decreasing customer complaints, and improves consumer satisfaction.

Personalized customer experience

Conversational automation platform will collect data and by leveraging on Machine learning, natural language processing, and conversational AI enterprises can offer an unrivalled level of personalised customer experience throughout their product experience journey.

This hyper-personalization is dependent on various variables such as previous purchases, sites that real-time to individual customers browsing habits and reading levels.

Personalization improves customer service interaction, conversion to purchase, and customer satisfaction, helping to drive repeat purchases.

Conversational automation allows your contact centre agent to have a perspective to comprehend who they are talking too.

This enables enterprises to understand user history, search preferences, and experience with the brand.

Nuacem’s conversation automation provides top-notch customer experience with the above information, depending on that particular customer.

Self-service 24/7

“90% of customers expect self-service from the brand.”

Customers are demanding as we are moving into more of the digital world. They don’t want to wait for hours to minutes to help out when they can do it by themselves.

Customers expect you to provide a way for them to help themselves.


Conversational automation gives businesses the power to scale their customer service automation at an undeniable speed, even using fewer resources than human agents.

With contact centre automation, whenever businesses offer new products/services, automation solution will provide complete information (FAQs) to the customers without depending on the human agents.

Solutions built on conversational automation will learn continuously from each interaction made between customers and machines.

This helps enterprises to quickly scale with the least levels of business process redundancies.

Final words

Few are having a misconception that conversational automation will replace humans in customer service centres.

But, in reality, such technologies will enhance & empower human capabilities.

Currently, large enterprises like Amazon and Uber have already deployed conversational automation into their contact centres.

This is releasing the load on call-centres, and along with that, it satisfies the needs of customers growing preferences at scale with consistency.

Are you thinking of integrating conversational automation service in your contact center?

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