Conversational AI - Next Big Thing In Telecom Industry

Author - Shenba | 10 August 2022 |

Conversational AI for Telecom Industry

The Telecom Industry is changing rapidly. With an increase in smartphone usage and IT rise, businesses are looking for ways to keep up with the digital age. Conversational AI is one of the most popular solutions to help businesses get ahead of the curve. It provides a way for companies to interact with customers on their terms smartly so that you stay connected at all times—on any device or location. It also builds a stronger relationship with them every step of the way.

Reduces Average Handle Time

When AI is used to help with customer service, it can free up your agents from trivial tasks and help them focus on more complex issues.

The following issue can be handled by a bot and doesn’t require a human agent:

Customer: Hi! I need help in setting up my account.

Virtual agent (Bot): Hello there, I’m Pluto, an AI-powered virtual agent. I’ll assist you in setting up your account. Before we go ahead, please confirm your primary details. What’s your name and registered email id?

Customer: I’m Ranjana. Email id -

Virtual agent: Thanks for confirming your details, Ranjana. Please open your app. If you don’t have the app, please download it from . Then, please enter your phone number and the OTP. Your account will be activated once you verify your number with OTP.

This way, customers get first-class service while still being able to interact with their agent as needed. Without worrying about getting lost in an automated system or waiting hours to resolve their issue, this process is just one example!

Improves Customer Satisfaction

In telecom, the most important metric is a positive customer experience. And if you want to keep your customers retained, you must ensure they are happy with their experience.

Customers who are satisfied with their telecoms provider can be more loyal and spend more money on the products or services they use from that company. This means businesses will have less competition in the marketplace and, therefore, an advantage over other companies. It also has an increased market share because there are fewer competitors for consumers' dollars. In addition, AI voice assistants are helping revolutionise customer experience even for people who are not technically oriented or don't have access to smartphones.

Streamlines Workflows

Chatbot for the Telecom Industry has become inevitable. As artificial intelligence in the telecom sector is more prevalent in the present day, it will be able to streamline workflows and improve customer satisfaction. By prioritising the tasks assigned to agents, companies can reduce the average handle time for each customer call by as much as 80%. As a result, the agents will have more time to focus on important tasks like creating quality products or providing personalised service.

Intelligent virtual assistants can also help you route calls best suited for each customer. If you know their needs before they call you—and then tell them how best to reach out—you'll be able to provide them with better service at lower costs.

Sales Target

Conversational AI for telecoms aren't just for customer service; it can also help with sales and marketing. For example, chatbots can provide personalised service recommendations, targeted promotions, and personalised upgrades while interacting with a customer or potential customer.

This enables telecom companies to passively market their products and services to customers and directly target promotions to those likely to respond positively. This saves money, may generate additional revenue, and provides customers with more relevant recommendations. In addition, it may encourage greater engagement with the company.

Conversational AI Platform - the new life for customer service

Conversational AI is the new customer agent and the future of customer service. It's a game changer for the Telecom Industry and can help you improve your business processes and reduce costs.

A conversational bot with AI for telecommunications helps businesses build better customer relationships. The technology enables them to customise their interactions based on what they know about their customers' needs and preferences. This allows them to provide personalised experiences tailored specifically for each customer at any given time to ensure satisfaction across all channels within an organisation (email/phone/webpage).

Wrapping up

The Telecom Industry is amid disruption. The potential of digital technologies, telecom customer support and their impact on our daily lives has been profound. We will only continue to see more change as time goes on. Conversational AI is poised to play an essential role in shaping this new world—and it's already starting today!

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