Impact of Conversational AI on Human Resource Management

Author - Devender | 03 June 2020 |
Conversational AI for Human Resource

Conversational AI is transforming every facade of modern society, and it is changing how individuals loom their workplace experiences.

As of now, most of the leading enterprises understood the impact of conversational AI and started implementing in their workforce demographics, business models, and altering experiences anticipated by employees and customers.

In an organization, every team will be very much familiar or get in touch with the HR team for various reasons like to know about their appraisal cycle, leaves left over, and so many other general queries.

HR teams initially focused on record-keeping about the human resources in the organization. But, the view has evolved considerably in the last 30 years.

As every human resource behaves differently, it’s challenging for HR people to manage. There is an enormous demand for encroachment to make workflow easy to complete operations.

It is where the need for conversational AI for HR comes into the picture. With the introduction of conversational artificial intelligence in human resources (Chatbots, virtual agents, digital assistants), now employees can use the technology to tenacity most recurring queries.

With the latest digital advancements, human resource management has become more sophisticated. It is a high-value adding function for every organization.

The usage of conversational AI in human resources made HR professionals more productive & efficient so that they can spend more time on other vital strategies rather than answering to the repetitive queries.

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Over the last three years, advancements in conversational AI have shown a more significant impact on the HR domain.

I think most of you are eager to know how it impacts HRM (Human resource management)?

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Before that, let’s have a look at the challenges faced by human resource management.

Bottlenecks in Human Resource Management

The organizations recognized that the human resource role is the most precise asset. It is proven that most of the organizations are spending most of their investments in the field of HR.

Based on the research of LinkedIn talent solutions, 59% of firms are spending on their employer brand.

In human resource management, most of the companies are facing these bottlenecks, which need to be resolved.

  • Similar requests to HR
  • Handy onboarding
  • Improved recruiting procedures
  • Employee engagement
  • Usage of manual processes

Most of the companies are looking out for realistic solutions to loom these procedures.

Impact of Conversational AI on Human Resource Management

The conversational AI impacts several HR areas like recruitment, benefits enrolment, onboarding, training & development, and many more.

Now, we are going to look after some of the key areas in human resource management.

Conversational AI in Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the top priority functions of the HR domain. The hiring process takes much time because of the manual process used by the talent acquisition teams.

According to the 2018 Growth hiring trends report:

  • 49% of the survey respondents said that it would take 7 to 14 days from receipt of the application to get an offer letter.
  • 24% of companies reported, they take 15 to 30 days to make a single recruitment.

According to the research of LinkedIn:

  • Only 30% of companies are filling up recruitment in 30 days, and the remaining 70% of the companies are taking around 1-4 months.

It is where conversational AI comes as a saviour to streamline your recruitment process. The conversational AI-based HR solutions will facilitate firms to viaduct the breach between a candidate & recruiter.

At Nuacem, we integrate conversational AI to the recruitment process, which makes the complete process easier, faster, and efficient by eliminating the wrong candidates by overcoming human-bias in decision making.

While coming to the candidates, responsiveness is the welcome facade. Whether your organization is offering or rejecting a candidate, our HR digital agent can quickly provide this information and feedback.

The conversational AI for recruitment solution eliminates the applicants' frustration from the waiting period or sometimes no response at all.

Conversational AI in Employee Engagement

For the past few years, 99% of the companies are giving much importance to employee engagement and employee experience. Employee engagement drives how an organization becomes conversant with its systems and process.

The virtual agents ask questions to gather insights using CRM or email or collaboration software to get data about employee productivity, engagement, and motivation.

The HR digital agents not only engage with the employees but also collect the information for the high-level management for informed decision making, things that need to improve, and HR strategies required for the future.


The conversational AI is also impacting the onboarding process in human resource management.

By using conversational AI agents in onboarding makes the complete process effectual and engaging. It is also useful for the HR team to collect the necessary information required for the onboarding process.

Virtual agents or digital agents give a quick start guide for the recruit to understand better the organization, clients, work culture, and products.

Learning & Development

Employee learning & development is another significant role in Human resource management. In the current situation, skills have a shorter shelf life than ever before; in such cases, conversational AI could be the game-changer.

The integration of conversational artificial intelligence in the human resource management system will make the entire learning & development process a two-way (Dynamic conversations) experience.

These AI-powered digital agents analyze employee pace, skills, and expertise based on the fact that they will provide customized training to help employees upskill & learn faster.

The virtual agents also help in perceptive an employee recital based on various metrics and depending on that, it will assist in conducting training to improve the areas where employees are lacking.

Benefits Enrolment

Benefits enrolment is one of the most frustrating and confusing parts of human resource management. As it is the complex one, most of the employees will spend a lot of time in understanding them, which indirectly affects the performance and outcomes.

By integrating conversational AI for human resources, the complete process will be automated. The AI software understands the process more efficient and provides the required information exactly.


Accept the reality that the role of conversational AI in HR will continue to grow significantly in the coming years.

Ignoring this fact may cause you a lot in the future.

I feel it is the right time for every HR tech enterprise to shift and welcome conversational AI into our daily work routines to streamline the HR processes.

Whether you go with an integrated slack bot, integrate a conversational AI constituent on-site, or develop a complete site with conversational AI, every option will help you in the efficient running of an organization.

If you are a firm and looking out for conversational AI solutions to take care of your complete human resource management?

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