Conversational AI for Hyper-Personalized Customer Conversion

Author - Swati | 28 May 2021 |

Huge volumes of traffic coming to your site is good but is only useful when a high percentage of them actually convert and do what you want them to do. So, along with focusing on bringing a huge volume of traffic to the site, it is also important to have a solid customer conversion strategy that brings a lot of customer conversion rate.

Among others, Personalization is an important driving force for customer conversion. Right now, Conversational AI has a huge potential for providing a greater degree of personalization easily.

Many companies are implementing Conversational AI in their sales conversion strategy and their customer conversion metrics prove the importance and effectiveness of the technology.

In this article, let us examine the usage of Conversational AI for hyper-personalized Customer conversion and how it helps

But before diving into how Conversational AI is helpful for the conversational sales, Let us answer some of the common questions that many people have regarding them:

What is Conversational AI?

As its name indicates, Conversational AI is basically a technology that is powered by highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that can carry out conversations with humans and solve their needs. It can be used as an AI virtual sales assistant that guides your customers and succeeds in completing your sale.

What makes Conversational AI powerful?

Conversational AI would be trailed by huge amounts of data using much powerful and tested machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. They remember what your customers say & base the flow of users on that. They let you automate sales assistant with ai and create a conversational sales platform that discovers the needs and interests of our user and increases the chances and speed of conversion.

With more research and work being done to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of these, certainly, they would be more powerful in the coming years.

Does Conversational AI have a high cost of implementation?

When we talk about the cost of incorporating new technology or way of working into the business, we do not talk only about monetary costs but also the organizational or any other costs that could be incurred.

While many people might be convinced that Conversational AI like a sales AI assistant would be a huge benefit, they could be concerned about the price they have to pay.

Fortunately, incorporating a proactive conversational ai technology would not cost so much as you might generally think. There are many companies who already have a developed technology which only needs your specific inputs to work!

Also, we can surely say that conversational AI can be self-paying because it highly increases conversions and increases profits exponentially!

Now that you know what Conversational AI is and understand that it is easy to incorporate into your systems. Let us now discuss how Conversational AI helps for hyper-personalized customer conversion and can be a key part in your marketing strategy.

How Conversational AI improves personalization in the customer journey:

As you might already know, your customer goes through a journey or a “sales funnel” in different stages before they finally convert and buy your product or avail your service. Conversational AI can be used throughout the Customer journey conversion funnel. Not only as chatbots, you can also have proactive conversational AI for utilities of communication such as social channels. Social channels might sound a bit regular and fashioned, but if done right, it is still a great way for attaining conversions.

Let us now see how conversational AI can hyper personalize interactions in different phases of the sales funnel and get more conversion. The different phases in the funnel would be described by different people in different ways, the basic essence stays the same: The user gets awareness of our product, takes some time to learn the features and makes the decision. Some people might also include retaining them in the funnel.

Inquiry Phase

In this phase, the user just got aware and might want to know certain initial information. They might ask general questions or problems. A Scope of personalization here is that by knowing the recent activity of the user, your automated sales assistant could suggest telling some additional information that they might want to know and incite interest in your offerings. An important thing here is that the chatbot must feel human and conversational AI can do a great job at that.

Discovery Phase

In this phase, your customer wants to know more about your product to finally consider whether they want to avail your service or buy your product. A Conversational AI Solution will help here by remembering their initial inquiry and can speed up the discovery process by providing personalized answers so that your visitor gets the exact answers they want.

As said earlier, not only chatbots but conversational AI also send emails to your potential customers fueling their path down the funnel.

Nurturing phase

The Discovery phase might not always lead to conversion. The user needs to be nurtured to convert. AI enabled conversation emails can cleverly follow up people and send announcements or other messages that are personalized and designed to pique their interest and get them on board again!

Final Words

Conversational AI is a powerful tool that can be used throughout the customer journey for conversion. Conversational ai services are powerful enough to use the large amounts of data of your users and then hyper personalize your services to them.

An AI based sales assistant can provide hyper-personalization in all the phases of your customer’s journey through the funnel and finally improves the customer conversion rate. With this, it is safe to say that a Conversational AI pays for itself!

With more work diverted to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of this technology, you can safely think that all the current limitations would be gone.

Considering all these, it is imperative that conversational AI be one of the most important elements in your conversion marketing strategies.

Many companies already developed conversational AI technologies in a way so that they would be cost-effective and flexible. So, provide the inputs specific to your business, you can get a conversational AI for your needs right away!

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