Nuacem launches Medha, IGRS Smart Assistant Chatbot in Telangana 2020 Year of AI.

Author - Devender | 02 January 2020 |
IGRS Smart Assistant Chatbot

We commenced our new year 2020 with a great accomplishment.

Nuacem’s IGRS Smart Assistant Chatbot, Medha developed in partnership with the Stamps & Registration Dept. Govt of Telangana is launched by the Honourable IT&C Minister KT Rama Rao in Telangana 2020 Year of AI declaration event organized by the Govt. of Telangana on January 2nd, 2020.

Medha is an AI-powered smart assistant dedicated to the Citizens of Telangana. It is a first of a kind in India by any IGRS departments in the country fully developed leveraging Nuacem’s Advanced Conversational AI development platform and analytics suite of solutions.

The IGRS Medha Chatbot is designed to give a smooth, efficient, conversational experience, and real-time access to IGRS services such as SRO information, SRO office directions, and other critical public services information to the citizens of the State.

The primary objectives of launching IGRS Medha Chatbot:

  • Improve citizen engagement
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Promote Transparency
  • Better citizen support services
  • Improve citizen experience

“In line with our vision and our approach, AI will be our focus for the coming year and beyond. While we are calling 2020 as the Year of AI, this event will set in motion a set of initiatives, which will potentially make the next decade as Telangana’s decade of AI. And the State is ready to capture the global AI opportunity,” Telangana IT Minister said in the event.


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